Emotional Resolution or regulation…

A little history :

During the 30's Wilhelm Reich leaves the Freudian current to start studying stress and its bodily effects, Arthur Janov and its Primary Therapy, Alexander Lowen and bioenergy feel that the solution goes through the body ... we will not mention all those who have attended the psycho-bodily adventure ...

In the 1970s, at the prestigious New York University, the professor of Orthopedic Medicine and Rehabilitation, John Sarno, established links between pain and emotional dysfunction: anger, guilt, shame, fear, insecurity, vulnerability, especially in the treatment of back pain. " Often, it suffices to recognize that a symptom is of emotional origin so that it disappears », says Pr Sarno.

More recently, from the 80s, a Frenchman, Didier Godeauphysiotherapist Kinémotionnestudied and synthesized the works and psycho-bodily discoveries of his predecessors, he formalized the regulation of emotions. Most of these works relate to the body and its sensory perceptions during an emotion, to what is happening in our body.

His conclusions, from the psycho-corporal discoveries of The method Mézières ", A global body work based on the muscular chains, allowed him to establish the link between" fear "and" muscular tension ".

His intuitions are confirmed during his meetings with:

  • Jean Paul Résseguier and Lilli Grill : "The harmonization of the sensory body", a purely sensory approach, has opened it to the power of "the sensory path", and remains one of the bases of its current work.
  • Anne Ancelin Schützenberger : « La psychogénéalogie »
  • Milton Erickson "Eriksonian Hypnosis" provides keys to brain programming and self-regulation.
  • And also: works of the Dr Hamer, and training with the Dr Sabbah in "Total Biology of Living Beings", the work of Stanislas Groff, of Georg Groddeck, searches of François Roustang and Gaston Brosseau.

Since then, this discovery has been refined, supplemented, and brought to light by the observations and research of numerous practitioners, in particular: Dr Nayla Chérino (Animaux), Francis Fraisse, Dr Jacques Fumex, Michel Gaborit, Olivier Hibon (animaux), Dr Dominique Monette (Belgium), Aleth Naquet , Luc Nicon, Dr Monika Wilke (Germany).

Ils ont cherché  à optimiser la méthode d’approche et d’accès au régulateur émotionnel de notre corps.

Francis Fraisse

Tribute to Francis Fraisse, adventurer of emotional resolution, great discoverer and trainer loved by all. He left us on May 15, 2019.

He co-wrote this step-by-step guide "Put an end to our unwanted emotions" to download (free)

  • Francis liked this phrase from the poet: " Individually, we are a drop. Together we are an ocean« . Ryunosuke Satoro

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  • Aleth Naquet in Paris (France) : +33 6 11 98 05 00
  • Dominique Monette in Belgium : + 32 477 58 33 96
  • Jacques Fumex in Lyon (France) : +33 6 72 80 01 21
  • Monika Wilke (ERes – Allemagne) + 4917643646468
  • Cédric Bertelli (USA) +14157329392

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